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Your home is an important investment and possibly one of the most important assets you own. Therefore, it is necessary to insure it against losses. There are approximately four coverage plans available and a few things that you should consider in choosing the one that's right for you.

Available Coverage:

1. Protection against your Homes structure.

2. Protection against insured loss of use of the property - Living expenses.

3. Protection against your Personal Belongings - Furniture and equipment

4. Liability protection - 3rd party coverage for visitors injured at your home

Things to consider when choosing a plan

1. Replacement value - The is the dollar amount for rebuilding your home taking into consideration the cost for labor and all Materials etc.

2. Replacement cost - The amount paid out as per your policy in the event of loss.

3. Other Considerations: Ordinance Law coverage - protects you where there are changes in certain laws which could affect your coverage.


When applying for Auto insurance, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Such as:

1. The type of coverage you want

2. The cost of your deductible

3. and also whether you will add additional coverage to your policy.

At Bovell Insurance, our experienced Agents will sit with you and help you to answer these and many other questions.

Types of coverage available

1. Comprehensive Coverage (damage to your vehicle): This plan will reimburse you for loss due to theft, fire, windstorm, hail, explosion or flood.

2. Third Party Coverage (damage to others and their property). You choose the limits of your coverage. These include;

a. Bodily Injury Liability: injury resulting in physical harm to an individual.

b. Property Damage Liability: Damages to car, buildings or other structures.

With all plans, you have the option of choosing your Deductible (the amount you pay upfront before the insurance company pays its portion).

Additions to your Policy:

1. Collision coverage: offers protection against all damages occurring to your motor vehicle except hitting an animal. This type of coverage can be added to Third Party or Comprehensive plans.

2. Uninsured/underinsured motorist Coverage: You are covered if hit by a motorist how is uninsured or underinsured.

3. Loss of use Coverage: Adding this coverage to your policy can be very beneficial in the event you are without a vehicle due to a covered loss. This coverage covers the cost or part of the cost of an alternate vehicle, during the period of loss of use.

Contact an Agent or schedule your appointment to enquire about other insurance plans for Commercial, Renters, and Liability.